Tips for day trips

On foot to Vyšehrad

The church of St Peter and Paul in Vyšehrad, the featured view from the houseboat, is right next to the mooring. You can walk on the banks of the Vlatva over the railway bridge to see the historic fort, castle and fortress, along with the Vyšehrad cemetery, Slavin, where a number of historical Czech figures are buried. The view from the Vyšehrad rock is especially impressive.

Císařská louka by boat

A boat ride across the river towards Císařská louka will take you to the restaurant, golf and rope centre. This is perfect for family activities including beach volleyball, archery and relaxation spots.

Italian gourmet restaurant

This original Italian restaurant and bistro is truly a gourmet gem. It’s just a few steps from the houseboat and sells a number of delicious specialties.

Visit a Foley sound studio

You are welcome to visit our specialized sound studio in Prague, where a number of Foley recordings have been produced for many feature films and documentaries. Watch how we reproduce everyday sound effects that are added to films, videos and other media in post-production.

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